Monday, June 20, 2011

who are the 7 best players in big brother history?

1- Dr. will kirby (S2S7)- master manipulator, unbelievable how well
he could lie to people and was truly the puppet master
2- Dan (S10)- all around amazing player could lie win competitions lay
low and very influential person, a great speaker
3- Mike Boogie (S2S7)- part of chilltown best alliance to ever play,
won 1st coup d etat could lie win comps and smooth talk with the best
of em
4- Janelle (S6S7)- won most comps in one season and all time, lasted
to final 3 in two consecutive seasons
5- Danielle (S3S7)- created 1st secret alliance which lasted until
final 3 and was behind most all evictions in S3, would have won but at
the time there was no jury house so all houseguests voted personally
instead of game play wise, also a part of legion of doom in season 7
6- Daniele Donato (S8)- won 5 vetos in one season, never sat on the
block on eviction night, made it to the final two with her dad
7- Dick Donato (S8)- strategy similar to dr will in which he made
everybody hate him so that he would stay, big target from day 1, won
sitting next to his daughter
next on list would be the veto king james from S6S7 and ryan from S9
who played a great game despite being weighed down by partner allison
and only lost due to the other house guests hated his girlfriend jen

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