Thursday, June 30, 2011

Has anyone found the Yamaha upright piano to have a very bright sound?

I own a Yamaha upright that's about twelve/thirteen years old. I've
found that it's much too bright for my liking because I tend to play
classical music. The recent models tend to almost be upright grands.
My own Yamaha is so short compared to the newer pianos, which sound
much warmer. I did ask the tuner last time about the tonal quality of
the piano and he says that Yamahas tend to make pretty bright
uprights. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same?

Of course, with years of playing, the hammers are probably a little
worn, but I remember my piano to always have been brighter and
"harder" than most other pianos in terms of sound. And does anyone
know how much I could possibly sell it for? It's in relatively good
condition, both internally and externally (looks brand new, actually).
I'll probably fix it up a bit before I do put it on the market, but
how much would people be willing to pay you think? Just rough
estimates is good enough. ^_^

Thank you!

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