Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vans warped tour/ dateing. lol?

Okay, I'm a Jr in high school. I live in Salem Oregon and well I just
moved to Salem a week ago. And Idk how to meat new girls or friends
out side of school. When I started dating girls in my old town I had a
friend who had a friend that was a girl then we would start talking
and then avently start dating. So how do I meat girls now? Or just guy
friends, because Then girls will soon come. Ohh and how do I find
somebody to sell me weed in a new town?

Okay this is wear vans warped tour comes in.
If I do meat some girls should I take one to vans warped tour? Or will
I likely meat some there? If I go alone how do I meat girls at vans
warped tour? Or should I go with a guy friend? And should I bring
Lol sorry I probably sound like a loser :)

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