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Taylor Lautner's Dude Problem, and 5 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

Thank God it’s Wednesday. Also in today’s edition of The Broadsheet: Aaron Sorkin inches closer to Steve Jobs… Jeremy Renner shares his Bourne name… David Fincher doesn’t want to do The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (for now)… Jimmy Fallon apologizes to Michelle Bachmann… and more. · Let’s make this quick and get to the turkey: This is a little late in coming, but reportedly a male admirer at last week’s Breaking Dawn - Part 1 premiere at the Nokia Theater shouted feverishly at the screen near the end of the film: “Taylor Lautner, you’re a sexy fuck!” Sir! Neither the time nor place! Where were you when Abduction needed you? [THR] · Aaron Sorkin, who was previously reported to be in the running to adapt Walter Isaacson’s recent biography of the late Steve Jobs, is inching ever closer to taking the job: “Sony has asked me to write the movie and it’s something I’m strongly considering. […] Right now I’m just in the thinking-about-it stages. It’s a really big movie and it’s going to be a great movie no matter who writes it.” [E! Online] · The name of Jeremy Renner’s character in The Bourne Legacy is Aaron Cross. Tell all your friends. [Empire] · Asked if he wanted to continue directing the English-language Millennium Trilogy after next month’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher replied: “At this point, no. But ask me again in two months. I’m so tired right now I can’t think straight. You don’t ask a woman in labor, ‘Do you want another child?’” Especially when she doesn’t get paid millions to deliver it. Anyway, he’ll be back. [Reuters] · Jimmy Fallon publicly apologized for the Roots’ choice of “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” to introduce Rep. Michele Bachmann during her appearance Monday on Late Night. It gets funnier: He also invited her back on the show. [AP] · To the naysayers who think the critically beloved Hugo is too cineaste-y to hold youngsters’ attention, Glenn Kenny has awesome evidence to the contrary. Huzzah! [Some Came Running]

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'Angry Birds' Gets into Competitive Hollywood Toy Market

This story first came out inside the 12 ,. 2 problem in the Hollywood Reporter magazine.our editor recommendsIPO for Angry Wild wild birds Creator Rovio the moment Next Year'Angry Birds' Pressed Off The surface of Apple Application Store Chart by Wally Disney's SwampyNew Rovio Professional David Maisel Thinks Angry Wild wild birds Movie Can Alter Gaming Adaptations Entertainment art galleries that understand ruling the licensed toy market have a very formidable, feathered foe this holidays. Angry Wild wild birds, the web application from Finnish company Rovio which has been downloaded greater than 500 million occasions worldwide, has turned into a kind of plush animals, balls, pillows, key rings plus much more which could be hot merchants this holiday. "It's phenomenal," states Alec Kessler of Commonwealth Toys & Novelties, the NY company this year licensed toy rights for Wild wild birds, its fastest-growing property. Synergy involving the application as well as the toy is especially strong given how quickly the scowling figures are becoming a well known culture phenomenon. "It's the applying that has converted to a toy," states Kessler. "The higher downloads the applying can get, the higher identifiable the toys are." PHOTOS: Toy Wars: Fight in the Blockbuster Summer season As holiday shopping begins on Black Friday, Rovio goes mind-to-mind with Disney's venerable Princess line and Cars 2, that will probably function as season's top merchants, additionally to powerhouses Alien and Sesame Street. The improved Smurfs, riding full of $500 million worldwide gross from the new the new sony's summer season movie, will also be prone to sell large. Retail sales of licensed games and toys totaled $6.36 billion this season, lower from $6.5 billion this past year, in line with the Certification Letter. Though the economy somewhat enhanced, hopes are high for just about any strong holidays. According to Kessler -- who states the demographic for Wild wild birds is "3 to 83" -- there's only one challenge with the toys' soaring recognition: "Retailers are becoming a hard time keeping them available.Inch Related Subjects

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Jason Segel on His Week Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' with the Muppets

As you may have heard by now, Jason Segel has a new movie coming out this Thanksgiving weekend starring the Muppets, appropriately titled 'The Muppets.' What you may not realize is that Jason Segel's three lifelong dreams were to (a) work with the Muppets, (b) be a guest with David Letterman and (c) host 'Saturday Night Live.' This past week, Segel finally achieved that elusive third dream. Ahead, Jason Segel gives Moviefone an extensive behind-the-scenes tour, if you will, of his experiences last week as the host of 'Saturday Night Live.' Before we get into your experience, what's your take on the infamous "Land of Gorch" Muppets sketches from the first season of 'SNL'? Well, what's interesting is that's what gave birth to the Muppets. Jim Henson was a maverick at that time. And the Muppets are famous now, in that era, I sort of equate it to the computer -- Steve Jobs was in a basement dreaming about the computer. So Jim Henson and these guys were these dudes that had an idea about puppetry. So they went to Lorne and they said that they would like to be a part of the first season of 'Saturday Night Live.' And it didn't quite work. The 'SNL' writers did not care for them. Yeah, it's hard to think of how to fit them into sketches. And they had created a new world of sort of adult, darker Muppets to fit in with SNL and it didn't quite work. But it did give birth to 'The Muppet Show.' They said to Lorne, "We'd like to do our own variety show, do you mind if we copy your format in a half hour -- and that's how 'The Muppet Show' was born. You mentioned them in your monologue. Was there any thought of bringing them back? Or would that reference be lost? I think that that is a reference that is probably lost to time. You know what I mean? They weren't even famous then [laughs]. OK, so we've known for months that 'The Muppets' is coming out over Thanksgiving weekend. How does a hosting gig at 'SNL' get set up? Who goes to whom? They are always trying to figure out who the host is going to be. You know, it's not a long lead time; I found out like three weeks ago that I was chosen to do it. And Lorne said something to me this week, he said, "We've been bouncing around the idea of having you several times, like with 'Sarah Marshall' or 'I Love You, Man,'" things like that. But he said, "It was never quite the right time. If you do 'Saturday Night Live' before you're established, it feels more like an audition." Like you're trying to show that you're good. And once you've reached a certain point, it's much more fun for the audience. Because they're watching someone that they know do fun skits. So he said that this was the perfect time: "People know you enough now that you've earned hosting the show." That's interesting. Because, of all people, I remember when Dane Cook hosted the first time and nobody knew who Dane Cook was, at that time. And I remember he was trying really hard. It feels like an audition, right? But with you, people can say, "I know this guy, so I can just watch him do his thing." Yeah, they're anticipating songs and fun and they have a sense of what you do. Whereas when you watch someone that you don't quite know who they are, there's a lot more judgment put on it. What was your pitch meeting like? The pitch meeting is intense, man. You show up on Tuesday and they sit you in a room and you're handed fifty scripts. Literally fifty. Just for you to read? Yeah, just to read through. For mine, they knew that I played piano and sang, so I'd say 15 of them had songs in them. So then you're reading them and you're also working with this musical guy to sing the songs -- in an hour! Fifteen songs! Not that you have to have them perfect, but so that you can do them adequately. And then you go into this room for a table read, where there are probably 100 people watching -- the entire cast. And you sit and you literally do all 50 sketches sitting at a table. Could you reject one if you wanted? Not at the table read. You read all of them. Yeah, because you don't know what's going to work. That's one of the things that I've learned about comedy is that you really don't know before you do it. There was a joke in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' that was pitched by one of the producers while we were shooting the scene. It's where I arrive at the hotel and I first see Sarah Marshall and Russell Brand. And she says, "What are you doing here?" And I had written that scene to be a guy really trying to put on a façade and keep it together. My response is, "I just needed a little vacation." And one of the producers pitched, "How about instead you say, 'I'm here to murder you'?" I literally was, "No! That is wrong! That is not his attitude during this scene." And he's like, "Just shoot it, you don't have to use it. Just see if it works." It's my favorite joke in the movie. And I lobbied super hard against it. I've learned that until you try something, you have no idea if it's going to work or not. That's a healthy attitude for 'SNL.' I have read of hosts worried if a sketch will make them look bad. Yeah, I think you have to give over to the process of 'SNL.' They are a well-oiled machine and they know what they are doing. And I'm sure they'd be the first to admit some shows are better than others. Some sketches are better than others. But there's something about that show that is a very, very controlled chaos that ends up, no matter what, feeling like you're watching something fun and exciting and dangerous. What's your favorite script you read that didn't make the show? We had an amazing moment during the table reads. Kristen Wiig wrote a hilarious sketch about a married couple that goes door to door and sings like carols on Thanksgiving. And the song was probably ten pages long. And the joke of the song is that it changed tune every two verses. So, throughout the sketch it kept randomly changing tunes to varying styles of music. Like, completely random. But because of the time constraints, we didn't get to learn the songs... and you still have to go perform it at the table readings. [Laughing] So we walked in and we looked at each other and I'm like, "What are we going to do?" She said, "We're just going to make it up and do our best, that's how it goes sometimes." We start the song, and we both realize that we have no fucking idea what to do. At all. You can't stop! It's like, you have to do the sketch. And I wish they had filmed it because it's probably ten minutes of us singing with no idea or context whatsoever. [Still laughing] And we're laughing so hard that we're crying. And it is a train wreck. And what is terrible is that the train left the station, and you can't get off until the next stop. Everyone is watching and everyone is laughing so hard, crying. We are bombing harder than I've ever bombed in my whole career. I mean, it was embarrassing how badly we bombed this sketch. It sounds like a real life Garth and Kat. It was called Lisa and Coy and it was the same concept, except the song was supposed to be learned. But at the read-through, it became Garth and Kat. Right! Except that we weren't able to even pull that level of mastery off. Was there anything that made it all the way to dress rehearsal that you were disappointed it got cut from the live show? Yeah. There was one sketch called "Balcony Songs" that I really, really loved and I'm really disappointed it got cut. It was a sketch that Andy Samberg wrote. It was a Broadway musical number that degenerated into becoming just really, really, really weird. But it was sung in full Broadway voice and there were twelve of us. It was kind of the equivalent of 'One Day More' from 'Les Miserables.' And that got cut after dress and we were all totally bummed. It literally just got cut for time. As host do you have much say between dress and the live show on what makes it or not? You know what? Lorne is obviously the big boss, but the host is called into every meeting and he's very conscious about, "What don't you feel comfortable with? Is there anything that you care so much about that you don't want us to cut?" He's very respectful of the idea that, at the end of the day, you're the one who is going to walk out there. You're the one who is going to have to do this stuff. So a lot of it is about the host feeling confident and comfortable with the sketches. During the live show when you did the monologue with the Muppets, you appeared to be glowing. I have a list of childhood goals. There are only three things on it: Be on David Letterman, work with the Muppets, and host 'SNL.' I had done Letterman before and I, obviously, did the Muppet movie last year. But, I did all three last week. In one week! That's not hyperbole, that's an actual list I had. If I could have, as a kid, seen this week, I would have freaked the fuck out [laughs]. You know what I mean? I didn't know that you could do an Antonio Banderas impression I can't! But I tried [laughs]. It wasn't a terrible impression. It was no Andre the Giant, but it was pretty close? Right? It was good. But the thing is, you had to follow Jay Pharoah's Denzel Washington, which is tough. That is the best impression I've ever seen. It's uncanny. The only impression that rivals it is my Andre the Giant [laughs]. OK, so you did Andre the Giant in 'I Love You, Man.' I did, yeah. So did you go to them and ask to have it in the show? The first thing they ask you is, "Do you do any impressions?" And the only impression I do is Andre the Giant. I'm not an impression guy. That's not my area of comedy. So that was, literally, the only one I had in my pocket. When it came to the 'Regis' sketch, they were like, "What celebrities do you do?" "I don't know, I can do the Nasonex voice?" So then they wanted that? That was more of a case of them wanting you do be involved in all of the sketches. I just don't do impressions, it's not what I do. Yeah, it was certainly fun. How early in the process did you know that Paul Rudd was around for "Kissing Family Thanksgiving." You know what happened? Everyone knew that I really wanted to do SNL. And it's, by a standard, a marker in your career. And our little group is very close and very supportive of each other. Jonah [Hill] flew out and watched the show. And Rudd came to watch the show. And as soon as we heard that Paul is there, we were already doing the "Kissing" sketch. And he originated "Kissing" sketch. And we thought, oh, this is perfect, let's have Rudd come in at the end. And Rudd and I have been on the collision course for a make-out for a long time [laughs]. I've seen every incarnation of "The Kissing Family" and have never seen the intensity between you and Rudd. That was new. It was much, much, much more intense in dress rehearsal. They should put that online We were told to tone it down. I 'Fatal Attraction-ed' him in dress rehearsal. I threw him up against the wall to the point that I almost destroyed the set. I yanked his hair back so violently, and I basically, like, I can't say the word, I mean, I hate-kissed him. [laughs] So hard! The last sketch I really want to bring up -- I think might've been my favorite of the night --- "The Blue Jean Committee." I loved that sketch! What I love about it, it isn't really a joke. It's just like, really pleasant. And everyone is so great in that. Even when Moynihan has two seconds of screen time, and he gets one of the biggest laughs with his intensity -- he's so into the song. Yeah. That's one of my favorites. I like weird humor. For example, the Andre the Giant sketch: It would've been very easy to do an Andre the Giant in context. You know, like a 'Princess Bride' sketch, or whatever. But when you do it out of context, Andre the Giant ordering ice cream, I love that kind of humor. Where there's no context as to why it's funny, it just is. I had trouble explaining that one to my girlfriend. So, overall, the episode's not a groaner, right? It was pretty funny? I thought it was the best show of the season so far. I have no context, because I haven't even watched it yet. It feels super good while you're doing it, but I have no idea how it came across. It came across alright? Yeah. People on Twitter were responding very positively to the show. The reaction was very good. The only one that didn't quite seem to play was "Retirement Party." Yeah, that's a weird sketch. That's the only one that I think people were like, "Huh." But the rest of the show, especially ending on "Blue Jean Committee," went well. In my humble opinion. Oh, good. It was so cool to see the guys behind the Muppets in the "Good Nights." You don't often see those guys standing there, with the Muppets. I have this thing, just so you know, it's like, contrary to what they want. But I have a big issue with that people don't know who these puppeteers are. They are the unsung heroes of this whole movie. The one I keep thinking about is this guy named Eric Dickinson. He plays Miss Piggy, but he also plays Fozzie Bear and Animal... Right, because you guys did our Unscripted and, as Miss Piggy, she did "her Fozzie impression." It's amazing. And all I think about is, in any other context, that's like a Peter Sellers-esque feat. He's playing three fully realized characters that are completely different, you know what I mean? And they sound completely different. His job is to be invisible, and so you never get to see who these guys are, and they're so fucking talented. And so yeah, it was important for me that they got up there and had their faces seen. So, obviously you're an 'SNL' guy, what's your favorite sketch of all time? It's an obscure sketch, it's when Steve Martin did Medieval Barber. Okay, that is a bit obscure. You remember that sketch? I do know it, I don't know it by heart. Steve Martin is playing a medieval barber, you know, a doctor, and he's so confident because it's modern medicine. But he says things like, someone comes in with a stomach ache and he'll be like, "You know, it's lucky that we've reached this modern age of medicine. People used to think that a stomach ache was caused by some sort of spirit haunting your stomach, ha ha ha, but now we know it's caused by a small toad living inside you!" [laughs] He's so confident that they have it all figured out. To take you off the hook, you can't pick someone in the current cast. Who's your favorite cast member ever? Wow. That's a great question. I mean, I gotta say Belushi. OK, that's interesting. Belushi? Well, because I'll tell you what Belushi did. Well, Phil Hartman is really up there for me as well, but Belushi did something really particular, and it's what the Muppets do so I guess it relates. He felt like things might bubble over at any minute, you know what I mean? It was a contained chaos but it could bubble over. You always felt a little sense of danger. Well, if you read 'Live from NY,' I think there was a little bit of danger actually, sometimes. Yeah, exactly. What would you have done if I had said something like, Piscopo [laughs]? I would have been shocked. Would you have thought less of me? [laughs] Let's say I would have been surprised if you picked someone like Denny Dillon or someone like the guy who played Sweetchuck in Police Academy, Tim Kazurinsky. I mean, he's funny, but... Were those the years -- I'm not 100% well-versed -- Lorne was gone for a little bit... Lorne left for five years. Lorne left in the Spring of '80. Jean Doumanian took over for about three-fourths of a season and then she got fired. Dick Ebersol took over until '85, and then Lorne came back in fall of '85. Although, I will say, "Ebony and Ivory" is one of the funnier moments ever. I mean, let's be honest, Piscopo was really good on that show. I think he's been downgraded since he's left. Totally. But he and Eddie Murphy were so good together. "Ebony and Ivory" was so fucking funny. My one non-SNL question: Are you still going to be using Twitter after 'The Muppets'? It's not going to end after Muppets. I don't love the technology, you know? Just in general, it's not really my thing. I do really like being able to communicate -- that sounds so fucking cheesy -- that's not what I mean. I was going to say, "Communicate with my fans," but I hate that phrase. It is cool to be able to talk to dudes. [Laughs] Put it that way. You can contact Mike Ryan directly on Twitter. Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook

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Showtime Renews Dexter For Two More Seasons

Michael C. Hall Dexter has been renewed for two more seasons, Showtime announced on Friday. Star Michael C. Hall has also inked a deal to return. Mega Buzz: An explosive Private Practice, Castle's twist and a Dexter death "The series is bigger than it's ever been in its sixth season, both in terms of audience and its impact on the cultural landscape," Showtime president David Nevins said in a statement. "Together with Michael, the creative team on the show has a very clear sense of where they intend to take the show over the next two seasons." See photos from Dexter The Emmy-nominated series, currently in its sixth season, is averaging 5.12 million weekly viewers with all platforms combined. Hall won the 2010 Screen Actors Guild award for his role as the moonlighting serial killer and was nominated for the Best Actor Emmy in 2011.

Robert Wagner Responds to Natalie Wood Analysis

Robert Wagner, who had been married to Natalie Wood during the time of her dying, is meant for the La Sheriff's Department's decision Thursday to reopen its situation in to the 1981 dying from the actress.our editor recommends'48 Hours' Natalie Wood Special Discloses Boat Captain's Untold Story (Video)Natalie Wood Dying Analysis ReopenedNatalie Wood: A Hollywood Icon RememberedHollywood's Notable DeathsThe Hollywood Reporter's 80th Anniversary: 'The Legends' IssueRelated Subjects•Obituaries A representative for that actor told The Hollywood Reporter the department hasn't arrived at out however the Wagner family yet, but hopes the brand new information that brought towards the situation being reopened is legit. "Although nobody within the Wagner family members have been told by the LA County Sheriff's department relating to this matter, they fully offer the efforts from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department and trust they'll evaluate whether any new information relevant towards the dying of Natalie Wood Wagner applies which it develops from a credible source or sources apart from individuals simply attempting to make money from the 30-year anniversary of her tragic dying." PHOTOS: Best Pictures of Natalie Wood Wood died almost 30 years ago at 43 while boating off Santa Catalina Island, from the Los Angeles shoreline. At that time, her dying was ruled an accidental drowning, but there has been many questions elevated by what really happened included within the time since. "Lately, sheriff's homicide researchers were approached by persons who mentioned they'd more information concerning the Natalie Wood Wagner drowning," the department stated, reported by the La Occasions. "Because of the extra information, sheriff's homicide bureau has made the decision to visit again the situation." The department has scheduled a press conference for 11 a.m. Friday. VIDEO: 5 of Natalie Wood's Most Memorable Roles Around the evening of November. 29, 1981, Wood and her then-husband Wagner went boating with Christopher Walken. The trio had dinner and drinks at Doug's Harbor Reef after which ongoing consuming aboard the boat, where Wagner and Walken started quarrelling. Throughout the argument, Wood visited mattress, so when Wagner came lower to express goodnight, she vanished. Speculation has it the dinghy came loose, and she or he went on deck to tie it when she accidentally ended up and fell overboard. A lady on the nearby yacht apparently stated to possess heard requires help around night time, also it was later came to the conclusion that Wood -- who apparently wasn't an experienced swimmer coupled with a long term anxiety about deep water coupled with been putting on huge robe -- have been intoxicated at that time. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Greatest Deaths and Surprises However, others have thought that the lover's quarrel between Wood and Wagner which had related to Walken happened prior to the accident.During the time of her dying, she was filming the sci-fi movieBrainstormwith Walken. For his part, Wagner has stated he places blame themself for that incident. "Did I blame myself? Basically'd had the experience, I possibly could did something," he told the U.K.'s Daily Mail last year. "I wasn't, but ultimately, a guy accounts for his family member. Yes, I blamed myself. I'd did anything on the planet to safeguard her. Anything. I lost a lady I loved with all of my heart, not once but two times, and that i won't ever completely be prepared for that." PHOTOS: Who Counts like a Hollywood Legend Wood was married to Wagner two times, from 1957-62 and again from 1972 until her dying. They'd one child, a daughter named Courtney, and made an appearance togehter in projects such as the TV movie The Affair and TV adaptation of Cat on the Hot Container Roof. Related Subjects Obituaries Natalie Wood Robert Wagner

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UPDATE: Viacom States Nielsen Snafu Brought To Say No In Nickelodeon Toy Advertisements Predictions Strong 2012 Despite Economic Headwinds

The Sumner Redstone-controlledentertainment giant states it'll buy back $10B price of its shares, up from $4B — which will certainly make traders happy. However they’ll like the fiscal 4Q results: Viacom’s ongoing procedures had internet earnings of $583M, up 19% in the period this past year, on revenues of $4.05B, up 21.7%. Experts thought revenues will come in at $3.75B. And earnings from ongoing procedures, at $1.06 a share, exceeded predictions for $1.03. Vital’s shot entertainment unit was the star with revenues up 46% to $1.8B. The organization states which was mostly because of the strong box office sales for Transformers: Dark From The Moon. The media systems — the biggest operation with cable channels for example MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon — were up 8% to $2.3B. Ad sales were up 7% while rate increases increased affiliate costs 11%to $883M. “Our budget is really as strong as ever, which enables us to carry on to purchase the development in our companies, including new top quality television systems within the U.S. and worldwide, and Vital’s lately released animation label,” Boss Philippe Dauman states. The studio is “benefiting from the disciplined franchise-centric approach which has created an unparalleled quantity of hits,” headds, as the new stock repurchase effort shows “our confidence in Viacom’s lengthy-term outlook.” The organization spent $2.5B within the latest fiscal year purchasing back 19.7M shares, and it has $7.2B left in the recently elevated $10B authorization. Redstone states the financial results illustrate “the worth of our focused strategy and powerful leadership.”

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There is a film Referred to as Zombie Ass, and 5 Other Tales You'll Be Talking About Today

Happy Wednesday! Also in today’s edition in the Broadsheet: Darren Aronofsky finally weighs in at in at in round the Kardashian divorce… Bargain-basement Captain Nemo adds a respected lady… The unfortunate conservative position on Ratnergate… plus much more. · It’s shaping up to become slow news day for anything excluding #RatnerFreeOscars and, uh, horrible movie posters, what exactly are focus of loving attention in this particular gallery of just one-sheets within the American Film Market. In my opinion I’m fondest of Zombie Ass: Toilet in the Dead, though I have got a sense Zombies versus. Strippers as well as the Kevin Sorbo/Danny Trejo action pairing Poolboy will greater than exceed their strongly hideous ads. [THR] · Possibly better but surprisingly appalling are these collections of tired poster tropes collected from around the globe. It’s kinda unmatched “Tiny People Round the Beach, Giant Heads inside the Clouds.” [Christophe Courtois via ONTD] · If he ever comprises a documentary, Darren Aronofsky goes vrit style — or, you understand, “the Kardashian form.” Speaking about which: “It’s amazing, huh, the fallout from that wedding? I have not a clue who this kind of person, but that’s interesting there’s backlash now — they’re in some manner anti-American, since they’re anti-family. Even Fox can beat them up.” It’s a great point! Meanwhile, Albert Maysles would love a factor with Aronofsky outdoors. [NYT] · “Keep in your thoughts this hoopla, phony outrage, and McCarthyism is yearly: ‘Rehearsal is ideal for fags.’ Now, because artistic freedom is dead in Hollywood, Brett Ratner will have the Tracy Morgan treatment a 3 YEAR re-education tour.” Really, all this hoopla is finished a loudmouth douche who thought he was bigger compared to Oscars, but nevertheless: “Artistic freedom is dead”? Seems like we finally found anybody to pity in this particular whole mess. [Large Hollywod] · Hayley Atwell and David Morrissey are aboard Captain Nemo, the $ten million 3-D steampunk 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea-quel planned to shoot soon in Romania. What exactly may possibly fail? [Deadline · Here's an airline travel that may start selling in-flight porn. That's all. [Gawker]

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Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy: The High School Years

Making a stoner movie -- it sounds easy, right? Well, it isn't! First, you need a good idea, and then you need a, uh... hey, have you ever, like, looked at your hand? I mean, really looked at it. You ever think there could be an entire universe living under your fingernail. Oh, sorry: I got sidetracked. Making a stoner movie! Right! Well, every stoner flick has a totally unscientific formula that needs to be followed in order for it to be successful. So, in honor of 'A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas,' which opens today, Moviefone offers you a brief user guide on How to Make a Stoner Movie. You will need... A pothead that's way more stoned and stupid than the rest of his friends: There's Jim Breuer from 'Half-Baked,' ordering pizza, Funyuns, water, celery and grape jelly; Rory Cochran of 'Dazed and Confused,' talking about how George Washington used to grow his own secret stash in the fields of Mount Vernon. You always need one stoner who's too stupid for his own good to make the rest of the cast look like Einstein. One psychedelic scene that is totally, 100 percent bonkers and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever: There's a scene in every drug-related film where the protagonists end up tripping on some totally ridiculous substance. Then, the weird stuff starts to happen -- rainbows pop out of trees, friends begin to look like animated characters, hands turn into some living, breathing creature that could choke them out at any second. Some good examples of this are the bowling dream sequence in 'The Big Lebowski,' where Jeff Bridges's The Dude pretends he's a bowling ball, and the bar scene in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,' where Johnny Depp's Hunter S. Thompson Raoul Duke imagines he's surrounded by a crowd full of gigantic lizards. The stoner hero who ends up saving the day despite the fact that he's, well, stoned: Seth Rogen saving James Franco from a burning barn in 'Pineapple Express' and Ice Cube beating up the neighborhood bully in 'Friday' are two perfect examples of stoner heroics. It's hard to feel motivated by anyone who sits around and smokes pot the entire film, but -- in the end -- they manage to save the day. A scene like this: Quotables: Lines that fellow pot smokers can quote back to each other is an absolute must. For example, 'Up in Smoke' has "Hey man, am I driving OK?" And then of course there's Matthew McConaughey in 'Dazed in Confused with "You got a joint? ... Well, it'd be a lot cooler if you did." These movies may not have lived on if it weren't for the memorable quotes -- it's not like the viewers are going to be able to remember anything as complicated as an actual storyline. An awesome soundtrack: No stoner movie gets by without an awesome soundtrack. The perfect example of this is 'Easy Rider,' which includes a murderer's row of awesome songs (Steppenwolf's 'Born to Be Wild,' The Band's 'The Weight,' Jimi Hendrix's 'If 6 Was 9,' etc.). A good soundtrack can overcome any plot deficiencies. An existential question: That scene where a character asks a question that really makes you think. These existential moments can be as jokey as the point in 'Knocked Up,' when Katherine Heigl first meets Seth Rogen's friends after finding out she's pregnant. That's when she ends up getting questioned about her unborn baby "stealing" her food. References to marijuana: Last but not least, the most obvious thing on this list. 'Up in Smoke,' features a car scene where Cheech and Chong smoke a joint the size of their arm. For something more recent, let's go with the main character in 'Grandma's Boy,' who has a giant bong he tries to play off as a flower vase. ### So, there you have it: the secret stoner movie formula. Now, all you need to do is get off the couch, write a screenplay, gather financing, hire some famous actors and a director. Hm, actually, on second thought, that sounds like it could be stressful. Before you start, you might want to take something that will cool your nerves... [Photo: Everett Collection] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook RELATED

First 'Great Expectations' Photos: Helena Bonham Carter is Straight Creepy

Twi-hards may wish to obvious their calendars for that one. On Saturday, November. 5, at 7:30 p.m. EDT, Moviefone and Cambio will partner to create a live stream from the 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Beginning Part 1' Q&A panel in La in the official 'Twilight' Fan Convention. Billy Burke, Taylor Lautner, Rachelle Lefervre and director Bill Condon all will be available, and -- better still -- they will be responding to the questions you have. To submit inquiries to the panel, compose a Tweet and tag it with #breakingdawnlive. To look at live, click the link on November. 5 at 7:30 p.m. EDT. That's tomorrow, fans! Remember: get a 'Breaking Dawn' tickets now. [Photo: Summit Entertainment] 'The Twilght Saga: Breaking Beginning - Part 1' Image Gallery From wedding ceremonies to werewolves, Moviefone has got the full-line of images in the approaching romance saga. See All Moviefone Art galleries » Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook RELATED

CAA Signs Mike & Molly Star Billy Gardell

CAA now represents both Mike and Molly from CBS’ sophomore comedy series. Actor-comedian Billy Gardell, who plays the male lead on Mike & Molly, has signed with CAA, which also represents his co-lead Melissa McCarthy. Gardell was with APA. Gardell’s previous series credits include CBS’ Yes, Dear and NBC’s My Name Is Earl. In addition to acting, Gardell continues to tour as a comedian. His latest standup special, Halftime, aired on Comedy Central earlier this year. Gardell continues to be managed by Chris DiPetta at Artists Management International.

Friday B.O.: 'Tower Heist,' 'Puss in Boots' strong

U's 'Tower Heist' is on the right track to win the weekend having a $$ 30 million opening. DreamWorks Animations' 'Puss in Boots' is holding strong in the second weekend, with $25 million."Tower Heist" is on the right track to win the weekend having a $$ 30 million bow, while "Puss in Boots" is waiting on hold strong for any $25 million second-week take, based on forecasts according to early Friday returns in the domestic box office. The prospects for "A Really Harold & Kumar three dimensional Christmas" were murkier -- it's drawn in $500,000 at the begining of matinees, but tend to pop with late-evening auds, passing on a variety from $14 million to $18 million, based on which team you request. Universal's "Tower Heist" made $1.4 million at the begining of Friday returns, which most B.O. experts believe should provide the weekend crown. But less positive estimations place it within the $23 million-$25 million range, establishing a possible equine race with DreamWorks Animation's "Boots." The three dimensional family toon, which experienced in last weekend's opening from the freakishly early winter storm within the Northeast, opened up to $34 million. But it is shedding a scant 30% week over week, using it track for that silver medal. Contact Andrew Stewart at

Thursday, November 3, 2011

AFM 2011: Robert Pattinson's 'Bel Ami' Nabs a U . s . States Distributor

The brand new the new sony Pictures Worldwide Acquistions has acquired U . s . States rights to Rachelle Lefervre starrer Bel Ami from Protagonist Pictures.our editor recommends'Breaking Dawn's' Robert Pattinson's New Film 'Bel Ami' Hits the internet (Video)'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' New Poster Features Billy Burke, Rachelle Lefervre in Embrace (Photo)'Bel Ami' adaptation adds cast PHOTOS: Hollywood's A-List Transformed The film, directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod (Mouth area by Jowl), also stars Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci. In Bel Ami, Pattinson plays broke ex-soldier Georges Duroy, whose rise using the echelons in the Parisian love monde inside the eighties notifies a merchant account of ambition, energy and seduction. Rachel Bennette written the adapated script based on Guy p Maupassant's novel. VIDEO: 'Breaking Beginning's' Rachelle Lefervre's New Film 'Bel Ami' Hits the internet The sale was found the final outcome between Michael Helfand, executive v . p . of economic matters, and Tana Evans, v . p . of purchases and distribution for SPWA, and Ben Roberts, Boss for Protagonist. Produced by Uberto Pasolini and executive produced by Simon Bigger, Bel Ami will begin leaving overseas within the finish of February 2012. PHOTOS: 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon': A Behind-the-Moments Look The film remains agreed to Studio Canal inside the Uk, Germany and France, RaiCinema in Italia, Hopscotch nationwide, Independent in Benelux, Impuls in Europe, Scanbox in Scandinavia, Golden Scene in Hong Kong/Macau, Unikorea Culture and Art in Columbia, SSG in Taiwan, Central Partnership in CIS, Ablo in Eastern Europe, Ozen Film in Chicken, Lusomundo in Portugal, Front Row within the center East, California Filmes in Latin America, PVR in India, PT Amero in Indonesia, Pioneer inside the Philippines, Nu Metro in Nigeria, Passion Encore in Singapore and Hollywood Entertainment inside a vacation in a holiday in greece and Cyprus. Bel Ami can be a Red-colored-colored Wave Films production in colaboration with XIX Film, Protagonist Pictures and RaiCinema. Related Subjects AFM Rachelle Lefervre Kristin Scott Thomas The brand new the new sony Pictures Animation Uma Thurman AFM 2011

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Hugh Dancy Steps Into Broadway's 'Venus in Fur'

NY (AP) Hugh Dancy was walking lower the road, minding their own business, when he arrived his first acting gig.At that time, he would be a teen in boarding school within the south of England coupled with lately been delivered to the school's theater while he was engaging in trouble someone's concept of punishment and community service. Dancy states he loved just hanging available and that he should have designed a good impression."A couple of several weeks later, quite literally, I had been walking lower the road which older kid in the school stated, 'Oh, you are likely to be Ariel during my manufacture of "The Tempest" the coming year,AInch Dancy recalls. "I had been cast in the pub. It's rarely been very easy since."There is something charmed about Dancy, and the being cast like a Shakespeare sprite for his first role in some way fits perfectly having a youthful actor that has since built a trans-Atlantic stage and film career silently but continuously.Over an omelet in a hotel dining area near his Soho home he explains to wife Claire Danes, Oxford College-educated Dancy is polite and cheerful, though tired from rehearsals. Outfitted in jeans along with a sweater, his hair tousled from mattress, he nonetheless radiates an unflashy attractiveness, a mixture of Orlando Blossom and Taylor Lautner.This fall sees two Dancy films launched "Hysteria" and "Martha Marcy May Marlene" as they slips onto a Broadway stage for that second time for you to tackle David Ives' mental and kinky play "Venus in Fur."Dancy, 36, stars opposite Nina Arianda within the two-character play, which explores energy dynamics within the audition room. It thrilled audiences off-Broadway this past year and returns with similar creative team the director, costumer and scenic designer, in addition to Arianda aside from Dancy, who gets control the part performed by Wes Bentley."Used to do want to myself, 'I hope they treat me lightly,'" states Dancy. "In this way, I believe visiting it fresh ultimately achieved positive results me and that i hope really achieved positive results everyone."Director Walter Bobbie stated adding Dancy assisted they expand their conception from the play. "He's clearly an incredible actor having a huge emotional range that he's immediate access at any time. What he brings is intelligence," stated Bobbie. "You cannot direct intelligence. You can simply get it. Hugh brings might a great deal of charisma."Ives, the playwright, states Dancy won the part the moment he opened up his mouth throughout the audition. "He's an actress of immense range," he states. "He's introduced the gift not just of themself for this performance but a present for me personally meaning will be able to return and re-think speeches and re-think moments within the play."Dancy's home might be NY, but younger crowd keeps one out of London and it has labored both in metropolitan areas, equipped with an excellent American accent. "I have been lucky enough to get chart a type of strange course among,Inch he states. "I have been able to perform it enough to date."About this day, Dancy is waiting for the return of his wife inside a couple of days. She has been in New York since This summer filming the Showtime series "Homeland," and juggling an individual existence with two in-demand stars is not easy."I possibly could maintain London. I possibly could maintain NY. Same holds true of her," he states. "She's labored working in london a lot more than I've, ought to be fact, and I have labored in NY a lot more than she's. The periodic challenge is matched up through the great possibilities and advantages."He hates needing to area questions regarding his wife and squirms ever-so-slightly once the subject pops up. "It isn't which i can't stand being requested about this, I simply can't stand speaking about this because I believe it's private," he states.Dancy seems opposite Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rupert Everett, Jonathan Pryce and Felicity Johnson within the movie "Hysteria." He plays the inventor within the Victorian times from the vibrator."It is a identifiable British costume drama that unexpectedly happens to actually cover the invention of the adult toy," states Dancy. "Like a modern audience, you're able to have your cake and eat it. Regrettably, all you say with regards to this movie seems like a dreadful double entendre. There is no way around that."His other film is "Martha Marcy May Marlene" with Elizabeth Olsen, the more youthful sister of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. It is a mental thriller in regards to a lady who returns home after getting away an abusive cult."For me personally, it will assistance to jump between TV, film, stage and whatever," he states. "I believe you excise slightly different certain muscles, although in the finish during the day, in the very, very heart from it, it is the same deal. You are telling a tale and you are finding truth inside it and you are attempting to keep it interesting."After boarding school, Dancy graduated from Oxford and gone to live in London, winning small theater parts and TV roles. He arrived the title role inside a TV movie of "David Copperfield" with Michael Richards, Eileen Atkins, Sally Area and Anthony Andrews. He acquired an Emmy Award nomination in 2006 for his role because the Earl of Kent in "Elizabeth I" and it has lately made an appearance on Showtime's "The Large C."He earned his Broadway debut inside a 2007 revival of "Journey's Finish" and the film credits include "Evening" with Danes, "Black Hawk Lower," ''Ella Enchanted," ''The Jane Austen Book Club," ''Confessions of the Shopaholic" and "Our Idiot Brother."Dancy was created in England's Stoke-on-Trent and traces his unconventional career to his parents, Jonathan Dancy, an instructor and moral philosopher, and writer Sarah Dancy. Hugh may be the earliest of three children. His sister Kate works best for Save the kids and the brother Jack runs a travel agent."We have all wound up during these slightly odd little pockets. Why that's, I'm not sure," he states. "However it must clearly happen to be something our parents did for that good, I believe.InchCopyright laws 2011 Connected Press. All privileges reserved. These components might not be released, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Sony Pictures Swings To Profit In 2Q While Parent Company Forecasts $1.2B FY Loss

Sony delivered a gloomy report as it reeled from problems that ranged from surprisingly low sales of TV sets tofloods in Thailand. For the quarter that ended in September, the fiscal 2Q, Sony had a net loss of $350M on sales of $20.5B. But it also slashed its projection for the fiscal year results to a $1.2B loss from a $769M profit. Sony Pictures delivered operating income of $268M, up from a $61.6M loss in the quarter last year, on revenues of $2.2B, up 17%. But that includes $278M from the sale of Spider-Man merchandising rights, as well as strong results for The Smurfs. Overall, the company says that theatrical was a drag on the higher sales of TV shows and home entertainment. The music unit sang a different tune, with operating income down 21.9% to $82M on sales of $1.3B, down 6.6%. The company attributes that to the appreciation of the yen, and lower album sales outside of the U.S.

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Neil Patrick Harris Talks Sharing The Big Screen With Fiance David Burtka

First Published: November 1, 2011 6:14 PM EDT Credit: Getty Images LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Caption Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka arrive at Art Los Angeles Contemporary Opening Night Reception in Santa Monica, Calif., on January 27, 2011Neil Patrick Harris shares his life and two children twins Gideon and Harper (both 1) with fiance David Burtka, and in A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas, they share something new together, as well the big screen. We dont really act together, we just live together and we certainly exist together, like all the time, but acting it was weird, because we just exist on a different level, Neil told Access Hollywood of David joining the Harold & Kumar franchise, as he promoted the film over the weekend. And Neil had nothing but praise for David, who makes a cameo as himself (with a twist). Im very proud of him and I think he came across very well in the movie, Neil, who once again plays a druggie, womanizer version of himself in the third installment in the buddy comedy, told Access. Hes a funny guy, Neil added of David. The latest Harold & Kumar installment is in theaters Friday and Neil recognizes that the franchise has added to his hip factor. The H & K stuff brought a kind of hip-ness quotient to how people perceived me, I think he said. It seemed like before then, I was doing more mainstream kind of all-American guy. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.