Monday, July 11, 2011

Rambo bridge is torn down over environmental concerns

*Remember that key scene in 1982’s _First Blood_ when John Rambo
is arrested on a bridge? Sadly, that bridge is no more.*

Situated in a tiny British Columbia town called Hope, the bridge
served as an iconic location for Sylvester Stallone’s meaty
action movie.

It shows up in the scene when Stallone’s humour-less action hero
is denied entry to a town by its bad-ass sheriff (Brian Dennehy).

But years after the movie made it a much-visited tourist attraction,
the rickety, perilous bridge is being torn down and replaced with a
safer modern construct.

“We tried to save it, but because the bridge is made of
creosote-soaked timbers, there are some environmental concerns,”
says Inge Wilson manager of the Hope Visitor Centre and Museum

To commemorate the bridge’s passing into legend, local residents
gathered yesterday to bid the construction farewell.

“We wanted to get one last big splash to let the fans know that
this is their last opportunity to see the bridge, walk on the bridge,
photograph the bridge, celebrate the bridge,” says Wilson.

Sadly, Sly couldn't make it...




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