Friday, December 2, 2011

NOVEMBER SWEEP: CBS Late Show Tops Tonight For first Amount Of Time In 17 Years, Late Late Show Posts First Victory Over Late Evening

NBC’s primetime worries are starting to spill into late-evening. Both Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Late Evening With Jimmy Fallon experienced double-digit year-to-year declines recently, giving CBS’ late-evening selection historic wins. Late Show With David Letterman (.9/4 in 18-49, 3.41 million total audiences) published its first November sweep victory within the Tonight Show (.8/3, 3.60 million) among grown ups 18-49 in 17 years, since Late Show‘s second season in 1994. Late Show being in 18-49 versus. last November (lower 8% as a whole audiences), while Tonight Show was lower 20% (4% as a whole audiences). The second still won as a whole audiences. CBS’ Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (.6/3 in 18-49, 1.63 million) was the only real late-evening show around the broadcast systems to develop year-to-year in 18-49. It had been up 20% (lower 7% as a whole audiences) to publish the franchise’s first demo November sweep victory over NBC’s Late Evening (.5/3, 1.73 million). The second show, presently located by Jimmy Fallon, was lower 17% year-to-year and flat as a whole audiences, a category it won. ABC’s Due To Jimmy Kimmel Live! (.6/3, 1.97 million) tied Craig Ferguson and beat Fallon. It had been in 18-49 versus. this past year called the only broadcast late-evening show to publish development in total audiences, up 7%.

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