Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alcon Entertainment Produces 'Point Break' Remake

In the future, another remake. Alcon Entertainment -- where you can 'The Blind Side,' 'The Book of Eli,' 'The Wicker Man' remake, as well as the approaching new Ridley Scott 'Blade Runner' project -- features it's acquired the rights to Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 buddy boy action pic 'Point Break.' Vaya disadvantage dios? You know from endless re-watching, the first 'Point Blank' stars Keanu Reeves as FBI agent Johnny Utah who infiltrates a gang of audiences believe being the lending company gradually wrecking "ex-presidents" (referred to as that since they placed on masks of ex-presidents) the best option in the gang is hot-blooded action freak Bodhi (carried out having a very aficionado Patrick Swayze), who forms a bond with Johnny. In line with the news release, the completely new version is occur the area of worldwide extreme sports, and -- like the original -- involves an undercover FBI agent penetrating a criminal ring. Other plot points inside the Kurt Wimmer ('Salt,' 'Law Abiding Citizen,' the arrival 'Total Recall' remake) script weren't revealed. Warner Bros. -- which will release 'Point Break' -- is wanting to obtain the project in theaters quick, while using script heading to company company directors soon. In line with the producers: "Who not love the Kathryn Bigelow original which is pure heart-pounding action and thrills? Kurt's take infuses the story and figures with new twists and designs ... 'Point Break' wasn't merely a film, it absolutely was a Zen meditation on testosterone fueled action and manhood inside the late last century which we desire to produce exactly the same for your youthful 21st!' [via Deadline]

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